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Fisher & Phillips LLP
Fisher & Phillips LLP was founded in 1943 and is one of the first U.S. law firms to concentrate its practice exclusively upon representation of employers in labor and employment matters. After more than 60 years of continued growth and success, we are now one of the largest national law firms in the increasingly complex field of labor and employment law. Our expertise and continuing focus upon employment-related matters assure our clients of reduced start-up times, greater cost efficiencies, and better outcomes. Because of our size and experience, we are able to offer employers advice in all of the myriad areas of labor and employment law.

Fisher & Phillips LLP
Suite 950
3800 Howard Hughes Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89169
Phone:  (702) 252-3131
Fax:   (702) 252-7411
email:  fp@laborlawyers.com

Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg employs a litigation philosophy that utilizes a pragmatic, balanced approach, with an emphasis on finding solutions to client problems in an efficient, cost-effective fashion. We believe that our primary obligation is to efficiently and effectively solve the problems brought to us by our clients. This is accomplished by seeking commonality in negotiations and treating opponents with mutual respect and professionalism, while at the same time representing our clients aggressively and competently. When our clients need representation in litigation our firm has the experience and ability to handle virtually any case or controversy.

Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg
6005 Plumas Street, Suite 300
Reno, Nevada 89509
Phone: (775) 786-6868
Fax: (775) 786-9716

Neither the State Bar of Nevada nor any agency of the State Bar has certified any lawyer identified here as a specialist or as an expert. Anyone considering a lawyer should independently investigate the lawyer's credentials and ability.

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