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                                                                                                             Date:  5/28/2004

NAME:    Wormuth                    John  F.                TELEPHONE   530-889-8688  
                 (Last)                         (First) Fax 530-889-8688
E-Mail        john@wormutharbitrations.com       




Present Occupation: Labor Arbitrator, Mediator, Fact-finder 

Current Employer:  Self
Current Advocate:  No   

 Yrs Arbitrator:  4   
Yrs Mediator:  23
Yrs Advocated for Mgt:  1
Yrs  Labor:  5


Work History:        Name and Dates


2000 - Present:      Arbitrator, Mediator, Fact-finder

1976-1999              Mediator, California State Mediation/Conciliation Service

1976-1976:             California Institute of Public Transportation (now defunct)

1976-1976:             International Federation of Professional Engineers, Local 21 AFL-CIO

                                   Business Manager-Financial Secretary

1972-1973              Civil Service Association of San Francisco-Staff Representative


Education & Professional Associations:


BA, Government- University of San Francisco, CA.  American Arbitration Association, Association of Conflict Resolution, ( formerly SPIDER), Industrial Relation Association of Northern California and Oregon 



        Arbitrated :     Education (Certificated & Classified) Health Care, City County and State Government (Crafts & Trades) Police, Fire, Professional and General).

       Fact-finding:    California Public Schools, Industrial Welfare Commission, State of California, 2001, 2003.

       Mediated:        Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, Boards of Adjudication, Hotel/Restaurant.


Issues: Discipline and discharge, absenteeism, contract interpretation, insubordination, dishonesty, negations of probation, falsification of records, pay and wage disputes ( salary schedule placement, premium and overtime eligibility merit increases) past practices, promotions, leaves of absence ( medical personal sabbatical)  classification, reduction in force, shift assignments, sub-contracting, super seniority , transfers & assignment, substance abuse, Discrimination: age, race, sexual harassment, reasonable accommodation.                                                    

Arbitration Rosters: 

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, California State Mediation and Conciliation Service and its Interest Arbitration Panel, California Public Employee Relations Board, Los Angeles City Employee Relations Board, Los Angeles County Employee Relations Commission, Oregon Employment Relations Board, Hawaii Labor Relations Board, Montana Board of Personnel Appeals. 


Published Cases:


116 LA: 600, 118LA:652, 118LA:1377, 142:81, 148:86, 151:87, 153:68,  PERB SA-IM-2400 (CRR22), SA-IM-2556-E,

SA-IM-2663-E, SF-IM-2379-E, SF-IM-2488-E.  State of California Industrial Welfare Commission, Chair Wage Board Order #5 Health Care Industry 2001 and 2003.


PER DIEM FEE:       $900.00  -  DOCKETING FEE:  NONE  -  CANCELLATION FEE:  (see below)


Grievance Arbitration:  The fee is $900.00 per day for hearing, research and preparation of the opinion and award.  A hearing day is any portion of a day up to eight hours.  Time for research and preparation is prorated.


Cancellation Policy:  If the scheduled hearing is postponed or canceled with notice of less than 14 days, the per diem fee for each day of hearing shall be charged.


Interest Arbitration, Fact-finding and Labor Mediation:  Arbitrator charges $900.00 per day (for up to 8 hours).  Time for research and preparation is prorated at $112.50/hour.


Travel Time:  Arbitrator charges one-half per diem fee for any portion of a travel day up to eight hours.  Travel time over eight hours in a single day charged at $112.50/hour


Expenses:  Arbitrator charges actual cost of reasonable expenses, including airfare, car rental, food and lodging. Automobile mileage is charged at the Federal Standard Mileage Rate.

                                                                                                                                    Med/Con:  02/23/01




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