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Celebrating our 21st year.  Serving employment lawyers,
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National Arbitration Center




SALEM, OR 97306   

487 E. MAIN ST BOX 175

TEL. BUS.:  914-806-1653   RES.:  503-566-2187 

FAX:  503-589-9316



Beverage, Communications, Construction, Education, Health Care/Hospital/ Nursing Home, Hotels, Administrative, Printing and Publishing, Retail, Newspapers, Manufacturing, Public Sector

Arbitrability, Absenteeism, Conduct, Discipline (Non-Discharge), Fringe Benefits (Holidays, Insurance, Vacation, Health/Hospitalization,) Job Performance, Layoffs/Bumping/Recalls, Management Rights, Safety/Health Conditions, Wages (Cost-of-Living Pay, Holiday Pay, Job Classification and Rates, Merit Pay, Vacation Pay), Violence, Insubordination, Theft, Sleeping on the Job, Policy Violations, Contract Interpretation, Other Terms and Conditions, Title VII Violations

 American Arbitration Association Labor Panel
 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services
 Oregon Employment Relations Board
 New York State Public Employment Relations Board Mediation Panel
 New York State Employment Relations Board
 New Jersey State Board of Mediation
 US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Arbitrator Panel

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY – Masters in Professional Studies in Industrial and Labor Relations  (January 2007)
St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA – BS Food Marketing (1976)

Cornell University, NYSSILR – Certificate Program in Workplace Conflict Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution
NYS Bar Association Committee on Labor Arbitration and Collective Bargaining Arbitrator Mentoring Program
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services Institute – Labor Arbitration
Center for Mediation and Law – Intensive Mediation Training
American Arbitration Association – Mediation Advocacy
The Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Supermarkets General Corp., Woodbridge, NJ (1970 – 1984)
Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations (1981 -1984)
Responsible for maintaining relationships with 7 United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Locals, and the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) Local 1034 of Philadelphia.  Responsible for all aspects of Human Resource Department: Employment, Training, Human Resource Planning, Evaluation, Employee Relations, Benefits Administration, Budget Development.  Prior to being named Director, held positions of increasing responsibility and accountability in Operations, Finance, and Human Resources

Bedford Central School District Board of Education, Bedford, NY (1997 -2003)
Directed Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining Efforts for two contract cycles with each of District Bargaining Units (Administrators, Teachers/Professional Staff, and Clerical, Service Employees)  Responsible for Policy Development and Implementation, Fiscal and Long Range Planning, Overseeing District Leadership and Organizational Changes including Training, Employment, Employee Relations, Communications and Public Relations

Association for Conflict Resolution
Labor and Employment Relations Association
American Bar Association, Associate Member
Oregon Mediation Association
Westchester County Bar Association (Affiliate Member)

FEES:  Available upon request.

             Cancellations:  Full per diem fee charged with less than 3 weeks notice prior to hearing date(s) for cancellations or postponements that cannot be rescheduled.
Travel Time:  Per diem fee includes up to 60 minutes travel time on day of hearing.  Travel exceeding 90 minutes one way may be billed on a prorated per diem basis.  Travel necessary on days other than scheduled hearing dates will be billed on a prorated per diem basis.
Travel Expenses:  Actual expenses for travel, food, car rental, and lodging.  (Will book fully refundable economy class fare for air or train, barring special circumstances.)
Mileage/tolls for local travel at applicable IRS expense rate.
Other Expenses:  Will charge actual expenses for copying, postage/handling, etc.
Billing:  A final invoice will be issued with the award, or following the late cancellation or postponement of a scheduled hearing.  Interim invoices may be issued after each hearing date in a multi-day hearing.  All fees and expenses charged in accordance with the above will be split evenly between the parties, unless controlling legislation or the parties’ agreement provides otherwise (i.e. employer pays, loser pays).



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