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About Us


Welcome to LawMemo, Inc.                                                       
LawMemo, Inc. is a labor and employment law publisher. We provide labor and employment appellate law updates -- an  invaluable resource that many employment and labor law attorneys and arbitrators depend on daily.

Convenient & Fast
Your time is valuable. Our labor and employment law alerts and reporters enable attorneys to understand the cases that are important to them within minutes. We do not provide lengthy summaries. And, we always provide links to the actual opinions.

A subscription or license for LawMemo, Inc. includes:

-Immediate access to our database that contains over 20,000 arbitration, labor & employment cases (to include ERISA and benefits cases; summaries and full text opinions), dating back to 1999.
-The Employment Law Memo (ELM) (employment law reporter that is published three times a week).
-The National Labor Relations Board Memo (published NLRB decisions when available).
-The Arbitration Law Memo (arbitration appellate case reporter that is published monthly).
-Access to the National Arbitration Center (NAC) (the NAC is a directory of LawMemo Inc arbitrators who publish their bios and arbitration cases).
-Custom alerts by text and/or email (subscribers can receive appellate updates, based on jurisdiction and selected topics).

LawMemo, Inc. 
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LawMemo, Inc.
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