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WASHINGTON, D.C.   20570

Monday, July 1, 2002 202/273-1991

Based on a successful six-month trial, National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Arthur F. Rosenfeld has decided to permit charging parties to electronically file extension-of-time requests in cases before the Office of Appeals in Washington, D.C.

The General Counsel's Office of Appeals handles appeals by charging parties whose unfair labor practice charges were dismissed, deferred or unilaterally settled by Regional Offices. Under a pilot program begun in December 2001 and limited to four Regional Offices, the Agency permitted E-filing of extension of time (EOT) requests in such cases by using the NLRB web site (www.nlrb.gov). The four Regions were: Atlanta, GA (Region 10), Chicago, IL (Region 13), Newark, NJ (Region 22), and Phoenix, AZ (Region 28). Starting immediately, this program is expanded for use in all Regions.

Visitors to the site's Electronic Filings page can request extensions of time (EOT) online, in addition to filing requests by fax and ordinary mail, from the Office of Appeals. To use the EOT system online, a Charging Party receiving a letter extending appeal rights to the Office of Appeals will also be given an access code certificate. This certificate will enable the Charging Party to access the system. When a user clicks "Electronic Filings" on the NLRB's home page, a screen opens listing web-enabled filings, including a link to Request for an Extension of Time to File an Appeal. Selecting this link opens a login screen at which users will enter their (lead) case number and access code. This brings users to the system's Home Page.

The Home Page displays information about the particular case, including the current date by which an appeal must be filed. The Request an Extension of Time page enables the Charging Party to request a new date and explain the reason for the request. The View Extension of Time page enables the Charging Party to view the status of his/her request. It is strongly suggested that Charging Parties not share the access codes with anyone other than someone authorized to act on their behalf, as the Agency will assume that anyone using them had permission to do so.

In letters extending appeal rights, the Regional Directors set forth the date on which the appeal is due. The online request for an extension of time to file an appeal must be sent no later than 5:00 pm (ET) on that date. The status of online requests may be checked by returning to Request for an Extension of Time to File an Appeal area and then entering the case number on the access code certificate and the access code. For an additional extension of time, users should follow the original instructions.

The NLRB acceptance of online requests for extension of time to file an appeal is another agency initiative implementing the Government Paperwork and Elimination Act. The E-FOIA Request Form was developed in June 2001 as part of the agency's commitment to enable the public to more fully communicate with the agency using electronic means.

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