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Procedures for Handling Postal Service Cases Involving Refusal to Supply Information and Procedures for Addressing Conduct Covered by Outstanding Court Judgments

Division of Operations-Management

MEMORANDUM OM 03-18 November 6, 2002

TO: All Regional Directors, Officers-in-Charge, and Resident Officers

FROM: Richard A. Siegel, Associate General Counsel

SUBJECT: Procedures for Handling Postal Service Cases Involving Refusal to Supply Information and Procedures for Addressing Conduct Covered by Outstanding Court Judgments

This memorandum advises the Regions of (A) certain initiatives being implemented by the United States Postal Service concerning union information requests and new procedures and revised guidelines for Regions to deal with refusal-to-provide-information charges.1 It also reminds Regions of (B) the procedures for addressing conduct covered by outstanding court judgments.

A. Initiatives Implemented by the USPS and New Procedures and Guidelines for the Regions

The formulation of the initiatives, procedures and guidelines concerning USPS refusal-to-provide-information cases follows a review and analysis by Region 6 and the Division of Operations-Management of such pending cases and discussions with both the USPS and the American Postal Workers Union. We found that the volume of these refusal-to-provide-information charges differs from Region to Region. Some Regions have an inordinate, recurring intake of these charges, despite efforts under the now-terminated 1997 Memorandum of Understanding between the parties. In virtually all these recurring cases, while the information sought is ultimately supplied, the delays in providing it have been substantial. These delays diminish the utility of the information provided, given the short grievance handling times in the collective bargaining agreement. On the other hand, some Regions report few cases, prompt resolutions of these cases, and very little indication of recidivism at the individual facilities or districts.

We have met with the USPS General Counsel, her chief counsel for labor law, and the USPS outside counsel on these cases, regarding recurring charges alleging the USPS' refusal to provide information. They correctly noted that the USPS with 900,000 employees is the largest employer under our jurisdiction and it annually responds to tens of thousands of information requests. However, they share our concerns that, in the future, all information requests should receive prompt and responsive replies, without the necessity of unfair labor practice charges being filed, and that any charges filed should be promptly and satisfactorily resolved. In this regard, the USPS has committed to undertake a number of initiatives to improve its response to information requests and to unfair labor practice charges. In turn, we have agreed to modify certain Regional Office procedures to facilitate the processing of such charges.

USPS Initiatives

The USPS has made a commitment to enhance its training program for managers and supervisors with respect to the duty to expeditiously supply information that is relevant and necessary for collective bargaining, and to underscore that unprivileged refusals to supply information will not be tolerated. The USPS has committed that once its labor law offices receive a faxed unfair labor practice charge, they will accord the matter much higher priority than in the past. If the charge appears to have merit, the USPS will endeavor to resolve it within 14 calendar days or less, without any further communication from a Board agent. The USPS has also agreed that even after an unfair labor practice charge is filed, representatives of the Local USPS office will continue to consider the request for information, particularly where they recognize that the information should have previously been provided. Accordingly, under these procedures, obvious violations should be promptly resolved and no longer result in substantial delay before the information sought is actually provided.

Regional Office Procedures and Guidelines

In an effort to facilitate compliance with the Act, new pre-filing assistance and new procedures and guidelines for processing USPS refusal-to-provide-information cases should immediately be implemented in all Regional Offices. These new procedures and guidelines are set forth below.


When a Region provides pre-filing assistance, it should insure that the unfair labor practice charge contains specific information concerning: 1) the identity of the requester; 2) the person to whom the request was directed; 3) whether the request was oral or in writing; 4) a description of the requested information sought that has not been provided; and 5) the general proffered reason for the request (e.g., contract administration, grievance processing or collective bargaining). If the request is in writing and available to the Region, it should also be faxed to the USPS along with the charge. If unfair labor practice charges are filed without the Region's pre-filing assistance, it will promptly seek an amendment of the charges to add the information listed above, unless the charge is already reasonably clear or the additional information can easily be provided by telephone. The Region will also fax the unfair labor practice charges to the appropriate USPS labor law office. A list of the fax numbers and areas served by each USPS labor law office is attached to this memorandum as Attachment 1.


We are hopeful that the USPS' renewed promise to both comply with its statutory obligation in this area and to promptly resolve those charges that are filed will succeed where previous efforts have failed. In the meantime, we must handle, in a consistent and effective manner, the cases that are currently on file and those that are yet to come.

In light of our past experience with the USPS, we have determined to modify the procedures outlined in OM 01-91, issued September 25, 2001, for handling these cases filed by APWU. Further, we have concluded that charges alleging refusal-to-provide-information filed by other postal unions should be treated the same since they involve the same employer. Accordingly, the Regions are to process all pending and future refusal-to-provide-information cases filed against the USPS as follows:

  1. Regional Offices should follow the usual policy of increasing the formality required for the resolution of cases with successive unfair labor practice charges involving the same issue with the same employer, even if different facilities are involved.2 This policy does not apply where the Region in its discretion concludes that the USPS has satisfactorily complied with the 14-calendar day commitment to resolve the information dispute and has extended any time limits on the filing or processing of grievances as appropriate. In such cases, the Regions should accept adjusted withdrawals unless the Region sees a pattern of postponing compliance with the Act until unfair labor practice charges are filed.3

  2. As to charges that are not voluntarily resolved by the USPS within 14 days after filing, it is inappropriate, absent special circumstances, to continue to accept adjusted withdrawals in recurring meritorious cases involving refusal-to-provide-information conduct. Several Regions have already crossed this threshold with the USPS and the remaining Regions when faced with such recurring meritorious charges should now decline to accept any further withdrawals or informal adjustments.

  3. Where the USPS has resolved by adjusted withdrawals recurring meritorious refusal-to-provide-information charges filed with the same Region, particularly involving the same USPS administrative district, Regions should resolve subsequent cases only by informal settlements, first with, and then without, non-admission clauses. Continued violations should be resolved by formal settlements, even if litigation is the only other alternative.

  4. In all settlement agreements, whether informal or formal, Regions should include language stating, "the Respondent agrees that this settlement stipulation may be used in any proceeding before the Board or an appropriate court to show proclivity to violate the Act for purposes of determining an appropriate remedy."

If a Region concludes that departure from the above guidelines is warranted because of special circumstances, it should first consult with Director Gerald Kobell of Region 6, prior to taking any action.4

Region 6 will continue to coordinate and monitor processing of USPS refusal-to-provide-information cases. Region 6 will also consider whether consolidation or clustering of cases for trial or seeking remedial relief on a wider basis is appropriate. In order to maintain oversight of these cases, each Region should send Region 6 copies of dispositions (withdrawal approval letters, settlement agreements, draft complaints, and ALJDs) in all refusal-to-provide-information cases filed against the USPS.

In addition, please be careful to input all data regarding these cases, timely and accurately, into the CATS system. Such data will help us monitor the volume of activity as to these refusal-to-provide-information charges. The naming convention for all cases involving the USPS should be United States Postal Service. Be sure to specify that the case includes a refusal-to-provide-information allegation.

As with all charges that are transferred pursuant to the Interregional Assistance Program (IRAP), refusal-to-provide-information cases filed against the USPS should not be transferred if it appears that the charge is meritorious. We understand that it is difficult to determine simply from the face of a charge whether a charge will have merit, but past case activity may be helpful in making a preliminary determination. In any event, if a refusal-to-provide-information case is transferred pursuant to IRAP and is found to have merit, the case should be returned to the sending Region for further processing, including approval of an adjusted withdrawal or settlement.

(B) Procedures for Addressing Conduct Covered by Outstanding Court Judgments

Standard procedure in all cases involving conduct violating negative or affirmative provisions of outstanding court judgments requires that the investigating Region refer such cases to the Contempt Litigation and Compliance Branch, prior to taking any final action.5 See Casehandling Manual - Compliance, Section 10592. We have learned that some Regions have taken action in cases against the USPS, without following these procedures.


In order to assist Regions in complying with these requirements, attached to this memorandum are lists of outstanding court judgments against the USPS (Attachments 3 and 4). Attachment 3 lists court judgments involving refusal-to-provide-information violations. Attachment 4 lists court judgments against the USPS involving violations of Sections 8(a)(1), (3) and (4) other than refusal-to-provide-information.6 Prior to taking any final action on cases involving the violation of any provision(s) of these court judgments, Regions should contact the Contempt Litigation and Compliance Branch.7

If you have any questions concerning this memorandum, please contact Regional Director Gerald Kobell or Deputy Assistant General Counsel Jane Schnabel. Questions concerning possible contempt action should be directed to Acting Assistant General Counsel Stanley Zirkin or Deputy Assistant General Counsel Ken Shapiro of the Contempt Litigation and Compliance Branch.




1 This memorandum does not address the refusal-to-provide-information cases covered by the outstanding complaint in United States Postal Service, Case 5-CA-27954(P), et al.

2 In making this determination, Regions should note whether the recurring violations are in the same USPS administrative district. A list of USPS administrative districts is attached as Attachment 2. If the violations recur in the same district, a smaller number of violations may trigger the next step of formality than if they recurred in different districts.

3 Regions should not accept adjusted withdrawals in cases involving conduct potentially violating provisions of outstanding court judgments against the USPS, see Attachment 3, without first contacting Acting Assistant General Counsel Stanley Zirkin or Deputy Assistant General Counsel Ken Shapiro of the Contempt Litigation and Compliance Branch. That Branch may want to consider pursuing contempt action on the conduct.

4 Special circumstances could be, for example, that the recurring charges arose in facilities a great distance from each other, although still in the same NLRB Region.

5 "Final action" includes dismissal, issuance of complaint, solicitation or approval of any type of settlement including "non-Board adjustments," or Collyer or any other type of deferral.

6 Except for court judgment (4) on Attachment 4, each of the court judgments listed on both attachments relates only to the specific USPS location noted under the respective court judgment. However, as indicated, court judgment (4) on Attachment 4 contains nationwide cease and desist orders and notice provisions relating to Weingarten violations.

7 Regions are reminded that any refusal to furnish information would potentially violate the judgments listed in Attachment 3; that is, the information requested need not be identical or even similar to that which underlay the judgment.

Attachment 1-- Law Department Staff Directory: Field Offices

Field Offices

Capital Metro
FAX: 202-314-6820/6821/6835

Thomas J. Marshall
Managing Counsel
400 Virginia Ave., SW
Suite 650
Washington, DC 20024-2730
States served: DC, MD, VA
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Baltimore, Capital Metro, Northern Virginia, Richmond
Major activities: All EEO, MSPB, and federal district court cases involving employment disputes that arise out of USPS Headquarters; all Federal Court of Claims cases.

FAX: 215-931-5092

Yolanda M. Pizarro
Managing Counsel
615 Chestnut St.
PO Box 40595
Philadelphia, PA 19197-0595
States served: DE, IN (Evansville only), KY, NC, NJ (except Northern & Central Dist. of New Jersey), OH, PA, SC, WV
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Akron, Appalachian, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Erie, Greater South Carolina, Greensboro, Harrisburg, Kentuckiana, Lancaster, Mid-Carolina (Charlotte), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, South Jersey, Eastern Area Office

Great Lakes
FAX: 312-669-5981

Gregg R. Sackrider
Managing Counsel
222 S. Riverside Plaza
Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60606-6105
States served: IL, IN (except Evansville), MI, MO [St. Louis zip codes 620, 622-624, 628-631,
633-635,650-653], WI
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Central Illinois, Chicago, Detroit, Gateway,
Greater Indiana, Greater Michigan, Lakeland, Northern Illinois, Royal Oak, Great Lakes Area Office

New York Metro
FAX: 646-473-3916

Stephen A. Moe
Managing Counsel
380 W. 33rd Street
Room 4516
New York, NY 10199-9003
States served: Southern & Eastern Dist. of New York, Northern & Central New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: New York, Triboro, Long Island, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, Central New Jersey, Caribbean, New York Metro Area Office

FAX: 860-285-7397

James A. Friedman
Managing Counsel
8 Griffin Rd N.
Windsor, CT 06006-0170
States served: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, Northern and Western New York Districts Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Albany, Boston, Connecticut, Maine, Middlesex-Central, New Hampshire, Southeast New England, Springfield, Western New York, Northeast Area Office

FAX: 415-764-3680/3682

Anthony W. DuComb
Managing Counsel
390 Main Street
Suite 740
San Francisco, CA 94105-5001
States served: CA, HI, Pacific Islands
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Honolulu, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland,
Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Aha, Van Nuys, Pacific Area Office

FAX: 770-936-4826

Thomas J. Blum
Deputy Managing Counsel
3980 Dekalb Technology Pwy
Suite 840
Atlanta, GA 30340-2778
States served: FL, GA
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Atlanta, Central Florida, North Florida, South
Florida, South Georgia, Suncoast, Southeast Area Office

FAX: 901-747-7371

W. Howard Brown Jr.
Managing Counsel
225 N Humphreys Blvd.
1 st Floor
Memphis, TN 38166-0170
States served: AL, MS, TN
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee

FAX: 214-252-6170

Doris Godinez-Phillips
Managing Counsel
P.O. Box 227078
Dallas, TX 75222-7078
States served: AR, LA, OK, TX
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Arkansas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Louisiana,
Oklahoma, Rio Grande, Southwest Area Office

St. Louis Field Office of General Law
FAX: 314-872-5193

Frank M. Bartholf
Managing Counsel
P. O. Box 66640
St. Louis, MO 63166-6640
Major activities: All torts (except for litigation in the New York Metro Area), national environmental law issues, and national facilities law issues.

FAX: 801-984-8401

Harold J. Hughes
Managing Counsel
9350 South 150 East
Suite 800
Sandy, UT 84070-2701
States served: AK, AZ, CA [only zip code: 961], CO, IA, ID, KS, MN, MO lincl. Kansas City, MO zip codes 636-641,644, 649, 654-658, 660-662, 667], MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OR, SD, TX [only zip codes: 865,870-875, 877-885], UT, WA, WY
Performance Clusters / Area Offices served: Alaska, Albuquerque, Billings, Central Plains, Dakotas, Denver, Hawkeye, Las Vegas, Mid-America, Northland, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Spokane, Western Area Office

Attachment 2 -- Customer Service And Sales Districts


Felix Smith
A/District Manager
Akron District
675 Wolf Ledges Pkwy
Akron, OH 44309-9900
(330) 996-9400
(330) 996-9960 (FAX)

Nick Rinaldi
District Manager
Appalachian District
P.O. Box 59992
Charleston, WV 25350-9992
(304) 561-1200
(304) 561-1209 (FAX)

Greg Gamble
District Manager
Cincinnati District
1591 Dalton Street
Cincinnati, OH 45234-9990
(513) 684-5360
(513) 684-5197 (FAX)

Kathleen Ainsworth
District Manager
Cleveland District
2200 Orange Ave, Room 210
Cleveland, OH 44101-9993
(216) 443-4573
(216) 443-4889 (FAX)

Barbara Patterson
District Manager
Columbus District
850 Twin Rivers Drive
Columbus, OH 43216-9993
(614) 469-4300
(614) 469-7605 (FAX)

Richard J. Cellino
District Manager
Erie District
2700 Legion Road
Erie, PA 16515-9997
(814) 836-7201
(814) 836-7215 (FAX)

Larry Jones
Greater SC District
P.O. Box 929998
Columbia, SC 29292-9998
(803) 926-6469
(803) 926-6470 (FAX)

David C. Fields, Sr
District Manager
Greensboro District
418 Gallimore Dairy Road
P.O. Box 27499
Greensboro, NC 27498-9900
(336) 668-1201
(336) 668-1366 (FAX)

Edward B. Burke
District Manager
Harrisburg District
1425 Crooked Hill Road
Harrisburg, PA 17107-0001
(717) 257-2104
(717) 257-2302 (FAX)

Don W. Peterson
District Manager
Kentuckiana District
P.O. Box 31000
Louisville, KY 40231-1000
(502) 454-1814
(502) 454-1990 (FAX)

Michael W. Benson
District Manager
Lancaster District
1905 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster, PA 17602-9991
(717) 390-7401
(717) 390-7586 (FAX

Ronald F. Lincoln
District Manager
Mid-Carolinas District
2901 S Interstate 85 Service Road
Charlotte, NC 28228-9980
(704) 424-4400 or 4570
(704) 424-4489 (FAX)

Keith J. Beppler
A/District Manager
Pittsburgh District
1001 California Avenue, Room 2001
Pittsburgh, PA 15290-9996
(412) 359-7771
(412) 321-3373 (FAX)

Michael Brose
District Manager
South Jersey District
P.O. Box 9001
Bellmawr, NJ 08099-9998
(856) 933-4400
(856) 933-4440 (FAX)

Al Lazaroff
District Manager
Philadelphia District
2970 Market Street, Room 306A
Philadelphia, PA 19104-9997
(215) 895-8607
(215) 895-8611 (FAX)


James M. Holmes
District Manager
Central Illinois District
6801 West 73rd Street
Bedford Park, IL 60499-9998
(708) 563-7800
(708) 563-2013 (FAX)

Akinyinka Akinyele
District Manager
Chicago District
433 W. Harrison
Chicago, IL 60607-9998
(312) 983-8030
(312) 983-8010 (FAX)

John Talick
District Manager
Detroit District
1401 W. Fort St.
Detroit, MI 48233-9992
(313) 226-8605
(313) 226-8005 (FAX)

Roger T. Nienaber
District Manager
Gateway District
1720 Market Street, Room 3027
St. Louis, MO 63155-9900
(314) 436-4114
(314) 436-4565 (FAX)

Kenneth Braun
District Manager
Greater Indiana District
3939 Vincennes Rd.
P.O. Box 9850
Indianapolis, IN 46298-9850
(317) 870-8201
(317) 870-8688 (FAX)
George Kikuchi
District Manager
Northern Illinois District
500 East Fullerton Avenue
Carol Stream, IL 60199-9998
(630) 260-5225
(630) 260-5130 (FAX)

Danita Aquiningoc
District Manager
Royal Oak District
P. O. Box 9000
Birmingham, MI 48009-9000
(248) 546-1370
(248) 546-0700 (FAX)

Murry E. Weatherall
District Manager
Lakeland District
P. O. Box 5000
Milwaukee, WI 53201-5000
(414) 287-2238
(414) 287-2296 (FAX)

Charles E. Howe
District Manager
Greater Michigan District
P. O. Box 999997
Grand Rapids, MI 49599-9997
(616) 336-5300
(616) 336-5399 (FAX)


Bill C. Miner
District Manager
Baltimore District
900 East Fayette Street, Room 309
Baltimore, MD 21233-9990
(410) 347-4314
(410) 347-4289 (FAX)

Tim Haney
District Manager
Capital District
900 Brentwood Road, N.E.
Washington, DC 20066-7000
(202) 636-1000
(202) 636-1005 (FAX)

Michael S. Furey
District Manager
Northern Virginia District
8409 Lee Highway
Merrifield, VA 22081-9996
(703) 698-6464
(703) 698-6609 (FAX)

Ellis Burgoyne
District Manager
Richmond District
1801 Brook Road
Richmond, VA 23232-9990
(804) 775-6365 or 6364
(804) 775-6058 (FAX)


Robert Perez de Leon
A/District Manager
Caribbean District
585 FD Roosevelt Avenue
San Juan, PR 00936-9998
(787) 622-1800
(787) 622-1803 (FAX)

Vito J. Cetta
District Manager
Central New Jersey District
21 Kilmer Road
Edison, NJ 08899-9998
(732) 819-3264
(732) 819-3837 (FAX)

Thomas F. Rosati
District Manager
Long Island District
P. O. Box 7800
Islandia, NY 11760-9998
(631) 582-7410
(631) 582-7413 (FAX)

Vinnie Malloy
District Manager
New York District
421 8th Avenue, Room 3018
New York, NY 10199-9998
(212) 330-3600
(212) 330-3934 (FAX)

Eugene H. Rear
District Manager
Northern New Jersey District
494 Broad Street, Room 307
Newark, NJ 07102-9300
(973) 468-7111
(973) 468-7215 (FAX)

Lily Jung
District Manager
Triboro District
142-02 20th Avenue
Flushing, NY 11351-9998
(718) 321-5144
(718) 321-5999 (FAX)

Peter J. Mancinelli
District Manager
Westchester District
P. O. Box 9800
White Plains, NY 10610-9800
(914) 697-7104
(914) 697-7128 (FAX)


Timothy C. Healy
District Manager
Albany District
30 Old Karner Road
Albany, NY 12288-9992
(518) 452-2201
(518) 452-2309 (FAX)

William J. Downes
District Manager
Boston District
25 Dorchester Avenue
Boston, MA 02205-0098
(617) 654-5007
(617) 654-5816 (FAX)

William P. Galligan
District Manager
Connecticut District
141 Weston Street
Hartford, CT 06101-9996
(860) 524-6137
(860) 524-6199 (FAX)

Elizabeth A. Johnson
District Manager
Maine District
P.O. Box 7800
Portland, ME 04104-7800
(207) 828-8529
(207) 828-8447 (FAX)

Joanna B. Korker
District Manager
Middlesex-Central District
74 Main Street
North Reading, MA 01889-9800
(978) 664-7603
(978) 664-5998 (FAX)

James H. Adams
District Manager
New Hampshire District
955 Goffs Falls Road
Manchester, NH 03103-9990
(603) 644-3800
(603) 644-3896 (FAX)

Don Marshall
District Manager
Southeast New England District
24 Corliss Street
Providence, RI 02904-9998
(401) 276-6950
(401) 276-6867 (FAX)

Charles K. Lynch
A/District Manager
Springfield District
1883 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01101-9700
(413) 731-0528
(413) 731-0280 (FAX)

Nicholas A. Fabozzi
District Manager
Western New York District
1200 William Street
Buffalo, NY 14240-9990
(716) 846-2532
(716) 846-2407 (FAX)


Charles M. Davis
District Manager
Arizona District
4949 East Van Buren Street
Phoenix, AZ 85026-9900
(602) 225-5401
(602) 225-3286 (FAX)

Ed Broglio
District Manager
Honolulu District
3600 Aolele Street
Honolulu, HI 96820-3600
(808) 423-3700
(808) 423-3708 (FAX)

Johnray Egelhoff
District Manager
Las Vegas District
1001 East Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV 89199-1000
(702) 361-9280
(702) 361-9349 (FAX)

David Shapiro
District Manager
Long Beach District
2300 Redondo Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90809-9798
(562) 494-2200
(562) 494-2437 (FAX)

Bill Almaraz
District Manager
Los Angeles District
7001 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90052-9998
(323) 586-1200
(323) 586-1248 (FAX)

Kirby Faciane
District Manager
Oakland District
1675 7TH Street
Oakland, CA 94615-9987
(510) 874-8222
(510) 874-8301 (FAX)

Hugo Francia
District Manager
Sacramento District
3775 Industrial Blvd.
West Sacramento, CA 95799-0010
(916) 373-8001
(916) 373-8704 (FAX)

John Platt
District Manager
San Diego District
11251 Rancho Carmel Dr.
San Diego, CA 92199-9990
(858) 674-0301
(858) 674-0405 (FAX)

P. Scott Tucker
District Manager
San Francisco District
P. O. Box 885050
San Francisco, CA 94188-5050
(415) 550-5591
(415) 550-5327 (FAX)

Winton Burnett
District Manager
San Jose District
1750 Lundy Avenue
San Jose, CA 95101-7000
(408) 437-6750
(408) 437-6776 (FAX)

Ed Ruiz
District Manager
Santa Ana District
3101 W. Sunflower
Santa Ana, CA 92799-9993
(714) 662-6300
(714) 557-5837 (FAX)

Richard Ordonez
District Manager
Van Nuys District
28201 Franklin Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA 91383-9990
(661) 775-6500
(661) 775-7184 (FAX)


Gloria E. Tyson
District Manager
Alabama District
351 24th Street, North
Birmingham, AL 35203-9997
(205) 521-0201
(205) 521-0058 (FAX)

Anderson Hodges, Jr.
District Manager
Atlanta District
P. O. Box 599300
North Metro, GA 30026-9300
(770) 717-3736
(770) 717-3735 (FAX)

Peter J. Captain
District Manager
Central Florida District
P. O. Box 999800
Mid Florida, FL 32799-9800
(407) 333-4809
(407) 333-4899 (FAX)

James A. Daily
District Manager
Mississippi District
P. O. Box 99990
Jackson, MS 39205-9990
(601) 351-7350
(601) 351-7504 (FAX)

Harold L. Swinton
District Manager
North Florida District
P. O. Box 40005
Jacksonville, FL 32203-0005
(904) 858-6605
(904) 858-6610 (FAX)

Jo Ann Feindt
District Manager
South Florida District
P.O. Box 829990
Pembroke Pines, FL 33082-9990
(954) 436-4466
(954) 450-3015 (FAX)

Lizabeth J. Dobbins
District Manager
South Georgia District
451 College Street
Macon, GA 31213-9900
(478) 752-8530
(478) 752-8664 (FAX)

Michael P. Jordon
District Manager
Suncoast District
2203 N. Lois Avenue, Ste. 1001
Tampa, FL 33607-7101
(813) 354-6099
(813) 877-8656 (FAX)

Dennis R. Unger
District Manager
Tennessee District
811 Royal Parkway
Nashville, TN 37229-9998
(615) 885-9252
(615) 885-9317 (FAX)


E. W. Waldemayer, Jr.
District Manager
Arkansas District
420 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205-9800
(501) 228-4100
(501) 228-4105 (FAX)

J. Eric Martinez
District Manager
Albuquerque District
500 Marquette Ave., NW, Suite 900
Albuquerque, NM 87102-9999
(505) 346-8501
(505) 346-8503 (FAX)

Carl T. January
District Manager
Dallas District
951 West Bethel Road
Coppell, TX 75099-9998
(972) 393-6787
(972) 393-6198 (FAX)

Michael Flores
District Manager
Fort Worth District
4600 Mark IV Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76161-9100
(817) 317-3301
(817) 317-3320 (FAX)

Terry Wilson
District Manager
Houston District
P. O. Box 250001
Houston, TX 77202-0001
(713) 226-3717
(713) 226-3755 (FAX)

Anthony J. Ruda
District Manager
Louisiana District
701 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70113-9800
(504) 589-1950
(504) 589-1432 (FAX)

William C. Rucker
District Manager
Oklahoma District
3030 NW Expressway Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73198-9800
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Larry K. James
District Manager
Rio Grande District
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Bill R. Fetterhoff
District Manager
Alaska District
3720 Barrow Street
Anchorage, AK 99599-0001
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Robert G. Klein
District Manager
Big Sky District
841 South 26th Street
Billings, MT 59101-8800
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Michael T. Matuzek
District Manager
Central Plains
P. O. Box 249500
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District Manager
Colorado/Wyoming District
7500 East 53rd Place, Room 2204
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Richard S. Shaver
District Manager
Dakotas District
P. O. Box 7500
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7500
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Joleen Baxa
District Manager
Hawkeye District
P O Box 189800
Des Moines, IA 50318-9800
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Ormer Rogers, Jr.
District Manager
Mid-America District
315 W. Pershing Road, Room 572
Kansas City, MO 64108-9000
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Michael J. Daley
District Manager
Northland District
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District Manager
Portland District
P.O. 3079
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Stephen L. Johnson
District Manager
Salt Lake City District
1760 West 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84199-8800
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Dale R. Zinser
District Manager
Seattle District
P.O. Box 9040
415 First Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109-9997
(206) 442-6270
(206) 442-6006 (FAX)

Clair A. Brazington
District Manager
Spokane District
707 West Main Avenue, Suite 600
Spokane, WA 99299-1000
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(509) 626-6920 (FAX)

Attachment 3 - Information Request Judgments Against USPS

1. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 888 F.2d 1568 (11th Cir. 1989), enforcing 289 NLRB 942 (1988).

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Disposition: 8(a)(5) violation found. Enforcement granted

Nature of Violation: USPS refusal to supply records during grievance investigation with respect to disciplinary actions taken against supervisors for engaging in conduct similar to that charged against union members. Reject defenses based on confidentiality and Privacy Act.

2. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 841 F.2d 141 (6th Cir. 1988), enforcing 280 NLRB 685 (1986).

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Disposition: 8(a)(5) violation found. Enforcement granted

Nature of Violation: USPS refusal to supply identity of local Union officials who had applied for supervisory positions where disclosures were relevant to Union's goal of assuring faithful representation by Union officers through rule prohibiting persons seeking supervisory positions from holding Union office. Reject defenses based on confidentiality and Privacy Act.

3. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 18 F.3d 1089 (3d Cir. 1994); finding violation but remanding as to remedy, 308 NLRB 1305 (1992), on remand, 314 NLRB 901 (1994).

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Disposition: 8(a)(5) violation found. Enforcement granted in part; remanded as to remedy; revised remedy granted after remand.

Nature of Violation: USPS refusal to furnish information concerning new hiring practices which Union alleged were discriminatory.

4. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 980 F.2d 724 (3d Cir. 1992) (table), enforcing 301 NLRB 709 (1991).

Location: Paterson, New Jersey

Disposition: 8(a)(5) violation found. Enforcement granted.

Nature of Violation: USPS refusal to provide case files of three supervisors who allegedly falsified postal documents. Information needed to assist Union in preparing for arbitration case involving discipline of employees for similar offense. Reject defenses based on confidentiality and Privacy Act.

5. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 17 F.3d 1434 (4th Cir. 1994) (table), enforcing 307 NLRB 1105 (1992).

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Disposition: 8(a)(5) violation found. Enforcement granted.

Nature of Violation: USPS refusal to provide absence records for various employees and information concerning which employees were placed on restricted sick leave. Reject defenses based on confidentiality and Privacy Act.

6. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 7-CA-32177, No. 93-06546, judgment entered March 7, 1994 (6th Cir.).

Location: Wyandotte, Southgate and Riverview, Michigan

Disposition: Consent judgment

Nature of Violation: USPS refusal to provide information re unit employees' overtime records, grievance answers, leave records and selected medical records.

7. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 6-CA-24800, No. 97-3269, judgment entered August 27, 1997 (3d Cir.).

Location: State College, Pennsylvania

Disposition: Summary judgment

Nature of Violation: USPS refusal to provide information on discipline records for attendance, timekeeping process, hours and other matters.

Attachment 4 - Other Judgments Against USPS (8(a)(1), (3) And/Or (4))

1. United States Postal Service v. NLRB, 652 F.2d 409 (5th Cir. 1981) (San Angelo, Texas).

2. United States Postal Service v. NLRB, 32-CA-1311, 252 NLRB 624, 689 F.2d 853 (9th Cir. 1982) (Oakland, CA).

3. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 17-CA-12451, 290 NLRB 120, 906 F.2d 482 (10th Cir. 1990) (Joplin, MO).

4. United States Postal Service v. NLRB, 32-CA-10209, 303 NLRB 463, 969 F.2d 1064 (D.C. Cir. 1992) (Nationwide cease and desist and notice provisions re Weingarten violations).

5. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 10-CA-25150, (summary order), judgment issued October 14, 1992 (No. 92-06691, 11th Cir.) (Hartwell, Alabama).

6. NLRB v. United States Postal Service, 21-CA-25278 (consent order), judgment issued December 3, 1993 (No. 96-3480, 9th Cir.) (Los Angeles, California).

7. United States Postal Service v. NLRB, 22-CA-18705, 318 NLRB 466, judgment issued August 4, 1997 (No. 96-3480, 3rd Cir.) (Kearney, New Jersey).

8. United States Postal Service, 2-CA-29200, 332 NLRB No. 28, enf. pending (No. 01-04002, 2d Cir. 2001) (Newburgh, NY).

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