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Arbitration Guidelines
The Board of Governors of the National Academy of Arbitrators has approved a set of Guidelines for professional standards for arbitrators in mandatory employment arbitration proceedings. The Guidelines were developed over a two year period by a special Academy committee of a dozen members.  The committee was chaired by Professor Theodore J. St. Antoine.  The full text of the Guidelines can be found here

Subscriber NEWS

Professor Monique C. Lillard has completed her Summary of Idaho Employment Termination Law.   The book is available in electronic format from the Idaho State Bar, and can be ordered online at: https://isb.idaho.gov/pdf/legal_education/pub_orderform.pdf.  


All proceeds go to the Labor and Employment Section of the Bar. Her intended audience is Idaho lawyers who need to brush up on employment law, and out-of-state lawyers who need an introduction to Idaho workplace law.  She discusses employment at will and constraints on firing, including contract claims, public policy actions, whistleblower protection and discrimination cases.  She includes various causes of action that arise when a discharge is contested, and summarizes available remedies.  She concludes with her thoughts on how parties can establish what motivated an employment decision and some checklists for workers, employers and lawyers.



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